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A 'selfie' with a Starlab planetarium during National Science Week 2014. Thanks to Questacon for the loan of the planetarium for my school.

A ‘selfie’ with a Starlab planetarium during National Science Week 2014.

I would describe myself as an amateur astronomer who has spent some 34 years enjoying looking up at the night sky. I have been lucky enough to see everything from a total solar eclipse, lunar eclipses and an impact cloud rising up from the cloud tops of Jupiter following the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on it in July 1994. The total solar eclipse was particularly amazing. There is something particularly moving about watching the Sun ‘go out’ temporarily!

I have also been actively involved in astronomy education and outreach over the last 25 years (as at 2016). This has included running Australia’s first teachers astronomy education conference in 1994. This became the Queensland Astronomy Education Conference and was convened seven times between 1994 and 2012 (Background article QAEC_article (PDF file format)). I have also been providing astronomy resources via the Internet for 19 years (as at January 2016). I maintain a separate astronomy education website at I have also presented portable planetarium programmes (see above image of the planetarium) to an estimated 32,000 school students and adults so far.

Professionally, I am a primary school teacher. When I can, I run as many astronomy events as I can for my school. This includes portable planetarium programmes  and star nights for my school. If you are in the ACT Public School system, note that I can visit your school with a portable planetarium. Please email me via the internal email system to arrange this.

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I am available for media interviews and can be contacted on (mobile) 040 888 4380. Please text before ringing during school hours.

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