‘Look up!’ Free A3 Introduction to Astronomy Poster

Interested in stargazing but not sure where to start? Part of the problem with astronomy is that many people think you need a telescope to see anything interesting in the night sky. That definitely isn’t true. If you know when to look, you can observe predictable events such as lunar and solar eclipses, five planets in the night sky and watch the Earth’s Moon go through its monthly phase cycle. You might also see a comet or watch watch the International Space Station pass overhead. This poster aims to help you get started on your stargazing journey.

The posters content will vary but currently includes finder charts for planets visible to the unaided eye (in the early evening sky), where to look for easily recognisable constellations and Moon phases for the months of that term.

Download the full version of the poster via the links below.

Download the full version of the poster via the links below.

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